You want Mercy? Show Mercy!

IMG_20180314_075559Often times we find ourselves begging and pleading with God to show us mercy without being cognizant that their are people right in our circle who we can show mercy too. I am aware that sometimes showing mercy can be the hardest thing and I am not one to judge but what can help you to be merciful is to remember your own faults.

Remember the time you offended your parents, or teacher or friends etc. Remember the time you actually had to say SORRY to someone and how you would have appreciated if they had shown you mercy even though you were wrong. You see, it’s not a matter of being wrong or right, we are all human and are susceptible to doing the wrong things are time.

We are not entitled to receive mercy from God, yet he still favors us and give us the mercy we so often seek.
So with that said, when you ever find yourself asking the All Mighty for forgiveness, I would like you to show mercy on those who seek it.
Have a merciful day all☺

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